Looking Up

Looking up.

Those words gave us a new analogy yesterday when the total eclipse of the sun moved across the entire continental United States for the first time in 99 years. Communities across our nation were dotted with people looking up at the sun to see the phenomenon of the moon blocking out the sun for a few brief seconds. For a brief time, we all were fixed on one goal, one experience – to see something that will only occur once or twice in a lifetime.

We (Americans) traveled long distances, waited long hours (some for days), slept in makeshift accommodations in strange places with strangers. We gave up our money, our time and our routine for the time of our life – just to say we were there, we saw, we experienced something out of the ordinary. We looked up to the sun!

When looking up is the thing to do there is a common ground we all stand on. When looking up unites us; brings us a moment of peace; qualifies us for a unique life experience, then life gives us a glimpse at the possibilities when the One Who loves us truly has our attention.

Live in that moment!

Set your minds on the things above!

Notice, act, listen, process and tell the story – God’s story!


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