What to Expect at MPBC

Welcome to Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church. We invite you and your family to worship with us this Sunday at 10:30 am!

What should I wear? MPBC has a casual, relaxed environment, so wear what is most comfortable to you whether that is jeans or a nice outfit. God is far more interested in our hearts than in our wardrobe.

Do my kids sit with me? Children are welcome to stay in the service with their parents, but we do offer classes with age-appropriate learning. Children age 4 to 6th grade join us for the beginning of the worship service and then are dismissed to their classes.

Will I be asked to give money? We do have an offering time each week where we pass collection plates through the rows. If you are just visiting MPBC, then we would just ask that you fill out your connection card and place it in the collection plate when it is passed. If you call MPBC your home, then we believe giving to God and His church is part of being a Christ follower.

What happens during a worship service? At MPBC we offer praise and worship to God through contemporary music & traditional hymns, giving an offering, and learning from the message prepared by Pastor John. On the first Sunday of every month we observe the Lord’s Supper with communion bread and grape juice.

Learn more about us – what we believe, mission statement, core values.

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