Our Approach to COVID-19

The COVID-19 is an unprecedented situation that has been making an impact on our world and our community. Right now, things are changing day to day. As a church, we will do our best to honor and care for you, and to keep you informed of changes to our ministries and events as they occur.

Message from Pastor John – 8/18/21

This note comes with hopes that your family is well and safe from the rapid spread of the new Delta variant of COVID19. Our community and the state of Indiana are experiencing high numbers of positive tests and even some hospitalizations. Because of the delay in symptoms, there will be circumstances in which a positive test occurs after contact has been made and before symptoms begin to give an indication of being ill. In some cases, people are reporting no symptoms at all.

Having shared this with you I would like to encourage you all to take safety measures wherever you go including your church attendance. If you feel comfortable attending in-person church please exercise your liberty to mask up, sanitize frequently, and social distance.  Refrain from close contact (hugs, handshakes, etc.). At this time our leadership team has not decided to mandate masks, but our seating remains socially distance row to row. Should you feel more comfortable staying home please take advantage of the live streaming option on our app and website.

Update 6/20/21

As weather permits, we will have worship services outside on the front lawn. When we meet inside, our seating is spaced to allow for social distancing. With the rise in the number of fully vaccinated people and the decrease in positive cases, wearing a mask is optional.

Ministry Board Update 1/24/21

Our Mann Road Campus will reopen on Sunday, February 7th! As you can probably guess, masks and social distancing is expected while in the building. Grab a cup of coffee from the Coffee Spot before heading into the Worship Center. Our Digital Campus will continue to be available for those who are feeling ill or aren’t comfortable gathering together yet.

An Update from our Ministry Board 11/13/20

The Ministry Board has thoughtfully and prayerfully decided that given the rapidly rising cases of COVID in our community it is prudent that we move to an online worship, starting this week.  We will be working with our teachers to pull together online resources to be able to teach our children and youth.

This past week, we initiated our Unedited service on Tuesdays.  This is when our worship team and the pastor meet to record the digital service that is broadcast on Sundays.  We will continue to offer that option for those who would still want to have an in-person gathering.  Just know that there may be some bumps and you may get to sing the same song a couple (or more) times.

Please look for further guidance as we work out the details.  This digital option will be in place until further notice or until we see the numbers decrease and the Board feels we can meet safely within the guidelines set forth by the State and County.

Re-entry Team Update 9/29/20

Since Governor Holcomb’s last press conference, our Reentry Team met and agreed that we can lift some of the restrictions that have been in place for our in-person gatherings. Tap here to see details.

Beginning Sunday, October 4th the following will be in place:
+ Masks are required as you enter the building and move around the Worship Center. Once you are seated, you may remove your mask if you feel comfortable.
+ We will not take anyone’s temperature as you enter the building. We do ask that if you or anyone in your household has had a fever in the last 24-48 hrs, that you worship online with us instead of in person.

Phase Two Document

Our Worship team will lead us with live music, and we will continue with social distancing and contact-free service. Tap here to see the details.

Phase One Document

Tap here to see the document detailing the social distancing and contactless service we have planned for re-entry on July 19th.

Re-entry Team Update 5/20/20

Tap here to watch an update from Pastor John. We have set a target date for in-person gatherings to begin on Sunday, July 19th at 10:30 am. The re-entry team felt this was a good date that allowed us to see how the health of our community stood up to the state re-opening on July 4th, while also not delaying the gathering for corporate worship too long. We will be communicating more information in the weeks to come. The team would like to thank all 64 participants in the survey. These results were extremely helpful in basing our approach to gathering in-person.

Our church facility has already been deep cleaned and information signs will be in place to give guidance as you enter the facility. We are hoping for each of our church family members to think carefully and thoughtfully about your own personal health care and take every precaution necessary to avoid compromising your own well-being as well as others around you.

We look forward to seeing each one of you. In the mean time, please continue to enjoy the online offerings of our church throughout the week and stay healthy and prayed up! The Re-entry team will continue to meet; their next scheduled meeting will be on June 3rd at 6:30 p.m.

Re-entry Team Update 5/6/20

We are encouraged and hopeful after hearing Governor Holcomb’s plan for reopening the state of Indiana! On May 3rd,the Ministry Board formed a team to begin planning our return to in-person worship services at Mt Pleasant. Details will be shared as soon as a date and plan is established. One thing is for sure, we can’t wait to be back together on Mann Road! In the meantime, we encourage you to continue meeting with us for At-Home Worship Sundays online.

In-Person Worship Survey

Mt Pleasant Re-entry team is meeting and we’ve got some great and thorough plans in the making for getting everyone back into the worship center and ministry facility as safe and protected as we possibly can. We could use your help in setting timelines and at a pace that works for the majority of our church family. Below is a survey that will help us take the next steps to move forward.


Ministry Updates

Worship Service

We will not gather for worship services at Mt. Pleasant. However, we invite you to join us by gathering in your homes to watch a recorded time of prayer, worship, and teaching from your Mt Pleasant Worship Team and Pastor John on Facebook and YouTube.

We are excited and thankful for this opportunity to gather together and worship in our homes. We encourage you to gather as a family. This is a unique opportunity to remember that it’s not a building or service that makes us the Church but that we ourselves make up the Body of Christ and church can happen anywhere.

Waypoint on Wednesdays

ALL studies, groups, classes, or gatherings that meet at the church are suspended until further notice. This includes adults, youth, and children. Our teams are working hard to create content and get that out to our parents to continue engaging our children and students in the weeks ahead. If you would like to receive a weekly email with content for continuing your child’s spiritual development, please let us know office@mpbc-indy.org

Care Ministry

Food Pantry – As long as resources are available, our food pantry will remain open (the clothing bank is closed). Patrons are asked to use the circle drive at Door 2 and remain in their cars. Hours of operations: 2nd Tuesday 11-12:30, 4th Tuesday 4-5:30.

Elderly & High Risk – If you fall into a category of high risk as it pertains to COVID-19, we want to care for you. Do you need someone to pick up supplies or a prescription, let us know at office@mpbc-indy.org


Thank you for your generosity allowing us to continue ministry.  Even though we will not physically be in the church building much over the next few weeks, ministry is still happening! Give electronically here.

Centers for Disease Control

The best place to get correct and up-to-date information is at the CDC website.